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    Putting “care” back in dental care

    Good dental care has become a privilege of the few, and even those few often encounter countless problems when making dentist appointments. Selecting the right dentist and managing to schedule an appointment in an acceptable timeframe is a feat by itself, and even then you are at a risk of having poor dental work done for an extreme price, or dealing with pain both during and after the procedure. Add to that that it’s nearly impossible to make an emergency appointment as quickly as you need it, and it may seem easier to give up and just take some pain killers instead.

    Don’t give up on your dental health, because not everyone else did. Livonia Dental Care takes pride in giving every patient the time and attention they deserve. The team of three highly qualified doctors, professional dental assistants and hygienists, and friendly and capable administration staff dedicate their expertise to patients’ satisfaction from the moment they walk through the door. They make sure to warmly greet every patient, hear out their problems, and then together work on a solution. And the perfect solution is reached through a number of services based on the most modern dental care technology.

    Braces, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, gum care, and sleep apnea and snoring treatment are only some of the services Livonia Dental Care offers. In addition to these, patients who want beautifully aligned teeth without braces have Invisalign at their disposal, superior to braces because they are clear, removable, more comfortable, and much easier to clean. For brightly white teeth, patients can choose between KöR® Extreme Deep Teeth Whitening and Whitening for Life programs, each having their own benefits for dental health. In situations where the perfect smile is urgently needed for an affordable price, patients can try out Snap-On Smile treatment, and have the most amazing smile in a matter of weeks.

    A true breakthrough in dental care technology and a salvation for those who are worried about pain, shots, discomfort, and drilling is Solea, a powerful dental laser that can replace dental drill in most procedures. Since there is no pain, most patients feel comfortable enough to skip anesthesia and avoid unnecessary shots.

    An important factor when choosing the right dentist is the price. Dr. Jay Nitzkin and the team work hard to keep their prices affordable, and if their patients don’t have insurance, Livonia Dental Care offers an in house discount plan for only $20 a month. For this fee, patients and their families can receive necessary exams, cleanings, and x-rays, and for other services they will receive large discounts and save hundreds of dollars, while still maintaining good dental health.

    Finally, you will never have to wait for an emergency appointment again. Livonia Dental Care’s emergency service is available 24/7, along with same-day emergency appointments for most cases. Out of three doctors with 35 years combined experience, an emergency on-call dentist is always available to treat all dental emergencies and help you live a happier and healthier life.