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    Livonia Dental Care

    Rave Reviews

    Livonia Dental Care Rave Reviews

    “Above and beyond”

    I would like you to know that all the people at Livonia Dental, in my opinion, went above and beyond the call to help me in a time and in a way that did as much for my spirit as it did for my health.

    Beth M.

    Livonia Dental Care Rave Reviews

    “Painless and far less stressful”

    I am writing to let you know what a wonderful office it is. I have had a wisdom tooth extraction and root canal this month and both, very surprisingly, have been painless and far less stressful than any previous experiences I have had. I commend all your staff at this office. They are not only wonderful at their craft but know how to kindly deal with their patients as people as well. It truly is a different kind of dental experience.
    Thank you and I will happily continue to be a patient.

    Justin A.

    Rave Reviews!

    “Feel good about myself”

    You not only gave me back my smile, you gave me back my self–esteem, which has been missing for a very, very long time. I can feel good about myself again, and that’s priceless.

    I’m me again, only better, and it’s because of all of you.

    Rhonda P.

    Livonia Dental Care Rave Reviews

    Dear Dr. Nitzkin and Staff

    Now that my entire family has been in to see you I’d like to take time to say thanks.

    Our visit there has been, by far the best dental experience we’ve ever had. Your staff was very pleasant, warm welcoming, and caring attitudes. They are the most professional staff we have ever had the pleasure to deal with. You should be proud of them because they go the extra mile. We realize that working in a dental office can be a challenge and they rise above that daily.

    Even if we were not “well insured” I’d pay case to be treated in the manner your staff made us feel. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    The V. Family

    Rave Reviews!
    Rave Reviews!
    Rave Reviews!
    Rave Reviews!

    To whom it may concern:

    As someone who spent 20 years carefully avoiding dentists and any kind of dental treatment, I feel I must let potential patients know my story. I stopped going to the dentist when I was 17, partly out of fear and partly out of teenage rebellion. Unfortunately, I still had braces on my teeth. Through the years, my teeth deteriorated and I became more self-conscience about how bad they looked and especially how much they hurt. Finally after thinking I could take it no longer and being too embarrassed to ask someone for a reference, I decided to call 1-800-dentist. I was sure it was time for dentures.

    As luck would have it (I found out later), I was referred to Dr. Jay Nitzkin. I’ll never forget my first appointment when I wouldn’t even sit in the chair; I was that uncomfortable with the whole thing. Eventually, Dr. Jay and his entire staff made me feel comfortable enough to go through the entire process, beginning with x-rays and culminating with some major fillings and even some crowns. After the x-rays were taken, I was surprised and thrilled to find out that I would not have to lose any teeth-even after 20 years of not taking care of my teeth; they simply fixed them. I did have to receive some shots and 2 root canals, but none of those things were as bad as the pain I was going through before seeing Dr. Jay.

    In summary, I don’t recommend to anyone that they should ignore their teeth for 20 years as I did. However, from my experience, I learned that it is never too late to start taking care of them, even if you think it is too late. Obviously, I can’t promise that all dentists are as gentle and caring as Dr. Jay, or that all dentists’ staffs are as kind and helpful as his, but I do know that I became a new person after receiving care from Dr. Jay and his staff. I kept my teeth; I am no longer afraid of going to the dentist; I look and feel better about myself; and most importantly, I can eat all the Doritos and Milky Ways I want. I hope that if there are other people in the same position as I was, they read this letter and decide to let the dentist help them. Quite simply, it’s worth it!

    Dr. Jay: thanks again to you and your staff.

    Mike N.

    Rave Reviews!

    Dear Dr. Jay and Staff,

    A week ago I walked into your office to have a wisdom tooth pulled. The fear inside me was more than at other times in scarier situations. When Gail walked me to the end of the office for the dental work, she asked why I was walking so slow, my reply was “dead man waling”. I thought of everything to say or do to get out of having the work done. A rock from the parking lot to hit Jay over the head, money to buy my way out, passing out, crying, and just living with the pain.

    Before this started Dr. Jay said it would not be painful and everything would work out ok. My last tooth was pulled 26 years ago and with the dentist placing his knee on my chest to get that extra pull was enough to seal that deal of not having anymore teeth pulled.
    Dr. Jay and their entire staff have always been on the cutting edge of what is new and improved in their field of work. With the placement of a patch on the roof of my mouth to numb it, I never felt the shot. The numbing took longer than the tooth being pulled. Once the tooth was out Dr. Jay gave me a pain pill in case it became sore, that was the first and last pain pill I took for the dental work in the last week. No pain at all, the only draw back to this is remembering to chew on the other side of my mouth. The bottom line, it feels as if nothing happened to my mouth.

    To you Jay and your staff, thank you for your kindness. I am sorry that after nine years of coming to see you, that I did not put my fear aside and trust in what you said. If I should ever have to have another tooth pulled, I would not lose sleep over it, did I tell you I was up at 5:30am that morning thinking about my fate?
    In closing, if you have a patient that is almost as scared as I was, I am offering to you to have them not only read this letter, but they can feel free to call me anytime and I would be more than happy to tell them how happy and pleased I was with how you took good care of me.

    Jay, Thank you again.
    Ken K.

    What an exceptional staff”

    I just wanted to write to let you know what an exceptional staff you have. I recently had some work done on my teeth — and still have more to have done — and I am truly satisfied with the care and treatment at this facility.

    Rhonda L.

    Rave Reviews!
    Rave Reviews!
    Rave Reviews!
    Rave Reviews!
    Rave Reviews!
    Rave Reviews!

    Dear Dr. Jay and Staff

    You couldn't make it any more pleasant or comfortable. Love Dr. Jay and ALL the staff. My gum health has dramatically improved since I chose Livonia Dental Care and Nicole became my hygienist. She is very professional and also personable. I actually enjoy my visits to the dentist, even when I have invasive procedures scheduled. No pain, just great results. I HIGHLY recommend Livonia Dental Care.


    Dr. Jay,

    Thank you so much for making my appointment a pleasurable experience. I never knew fillings could be so easy!

    You and Nikki really put me at ease and made me feel good about choosing you to care for me and my teeth!

    You have an amazing group there!! I’m actually looking forward to my next visit!!

    Thanks a million!!
    Sharon H.

    Community Service
    Rave Reviews!

    Dear Dr. Nitzkin and Dr. Kolb,

    As a child, my family taught me manors. Which fork to use, don’t put your elbows on the table, don’t interrupt adult conversations, etc. Most of all I was taught to say PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

    After what to me seemed like a lifetime of discomfort and pain with my teeth, I realized I wanted it to end. I had been to many dentists and earned the right to be terrified, however I knew it was time to bite the bullet.

    I didn’t have a dentist. I was reading the Senior Gazette and saw your ad, called for an appointment and prepared myself for another round of pain. Much to my delight, I was greeted with friendly warmth by your office staff and dental assistants.

    ENTER: Dr. Jay, who gently and calmly began to talk to me, reassuring me, I would not be in pain any more. His gentleness and patience is obviously an inspiration to all of his staff.

    The process of extractions, fillings, crowns and dentures began on January 31, 2006 and ended on May 18, 2006. Not once in all that time was I in any kind of pain. I felt no condescension by anyone and for the first time I trusted my dentist. Dr. Jay was right, I felt no pain ever.

    For the first time I realized how inadequate the words “THANK YOU” really are. I wish I knew a word that truly depicted my sincere gratitude to you both, as well as your entire staff. So…to Dr. Brent and, Dr. Jay and the entire staff, I can only say “THANK YOU””

    May God bless you and yours.
    Nancy J. C.

    Livonia Dental Care Rave Reviews
    Rave Reviews!
    Rave Reviews!

    I arrived home a while ago from an appointment with Dr. Nitzkin. I had eight permanent crowns put on my top front teeth. The results a wonderful. My crowns look so natural, both in shape and in color. This has been a very successful experience in two important ways.

    The first positive result is of course, how great my teeth look. The second, and equally important result, is that after a lifetime of a crippling fear of going to the dentist, I am no longer afraid. This is a huge accomplishment for me!

    I was extremely nervous about going to the first appointment, but was quickly calmed by how understanding and compassionate Dr. Nitzkin and his staff were. They truly knew how scared I was. Dr. Nitzkin explained everything and assured me that with the sedation process, I would have absolutely no pain, and even better, no memory of a dental procedure done under sedation.

    Everything that Dr. Nitzkin told me about the sedation procedure was absolutely true. I had the sedation process for the prepping of eight teeth for crowns. I was dropped off for my appointment and picked up a few hours later with absolutely no memory of what occurred.

    What really amazed me was that as I proceeded with the follow-up appointments for the crown process, I no longer feared nor dreaded going back. I never though that I would feel so positive about going to the dentist. I will never be afraid again!

    I am so thankful that on my internet search for a sedation dentist, I found Dr. Nitzkin and his wonderful staff.

    Susan Y.

    Livonia Dental Care Rave Reviews