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    Laser Dentistry in Livonia

    Do you hate the sound of a dental drill? Have you canceled an appointment last-minute because you couldn’t bring yourself to get a cavity filled? The days of dental anxiety are over!

    Technology of the future, today!

    The Solea Dental Laser is a high-tech CO2 dental tool that effortlessly cuts through both hard and soft tissues of the tooth. This means that the same tool can be used to penetrate the hard enamel and dentin of an infected tooth as well as the soft pulpal tissues. With sophisticated software and an excellent training program through Convergent Dental, the result is faster, pain-free procedures that require no anesthesia or sutures.

    Quick and comfortable

    Noisy and intimidating drills are often the root of many dental anxieties that sometimes lead to the use of sedation dentistry. Others hate feeling numb after their procedures. And when so many of us take our lunch breaks to go to the dentist, it would be great if we could taste our food after the appointment instead of dealing with pain. The Solea Dental Laser remedies all these issues. The laser has no drilling noise, and its precision results in a fast and painless experience with no need for anesthesia or multiple visits. And with FDA approval, you can feel comfortable with a trusted technology.

    What can Solea treat?

    • Cavities
    • Root canals
    • Periodontal and gum diseases (periodontal surgery)
    • Crown lengthenings
    • Frenectomies
    • Gingivectomies

    Solea Laser Dentistry is changing the way patients see the dentist. And it’s changing the way we treat oral issues at Livonia Dental Care. Take care of your teeth quickly, painlessly and without fear! Call 734-427-7555 to book an appointment today!

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