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    New Patient
    Special Offer

    $29 Exam & X-rays


    $59 Exam, X-ray and Cleaning

    Offer expires: 08/21/2022

    Have You Tried Sedation Dentistry Yet?

    October 19, 2017

    It’s amazing what trust can do to change someone’s life.

    At Livonia Dental Care we help patients who have had a lifelong fear of the dentist, achieve the dental care they need with needle-free​ ​sedation​ ​dentistry​. If you have ever delayed a dental checkup due to fear or anxiety, find out today how oral​ ​sedation​ might be right for you.

    • Have you missed work because of a toothache or dental pain?
    • Has it been several months or years since your last appointment?
    • Are you losing sleep due to a pain in your mouth?
    • Have you had a negative experience at the dentist in the past?
    • Do you require a procedure that you have never had done before?

    Every year, millions of adults will lose productive work hours due to a toothache or dental pain. Whether they have a small cavity or have lost one or more teeth, fear motivates them to avoid the dentist until it is no longer a choice.

    Welcome to Needle-Free, Oral Conscious Sedation

    If you are interested in achieving a relaxed and comfortable visit at the dentist, Dr. Jay can introduce you to oral conscious sedation​. Taken in a small sedative liquid or pill form, oral conscious sedation has several unique benefits:

    • Take by mouth even before you enter the dental office
    • Unlike IV sedation or nitrous oxide, there are no needles and no gas
    • You will remain​ ​alert​ ​and​ ​able​ ​to​ ​converse​ ​throughout​ ​your​ ​visit
    • The effects typically wear off within 1-2 hours after your visit

    What Can I Expect With Sedation Dentistry?

    When taking oral dental sedatives prior to your appointment, we recommend having a friend or loved one drive you to and from your appointment. As the sedatives take effect you will feel increasingly calm, relaxed, and comfortable.

    Dr. Jay and his staff stay with you throughout your appointment and you will remain alert and able to respond throughout your stay. Side effects are typically minimal, and many patients report having little memory of the appointment after their visit.

    Is Oral Conscious Sedation Safe?

    Yes. Under the direct supervision of your dentist, oral conscious sedation is very safe and has been used for decades to help patients feel relaxed while receiving necessary dental care.

    In Dr. Jay’s state-of-the-art office, the one thing that has never changed has been his commitment to each patient. If you have any questions about sedation dentistry, please call the office at (734)​ ​427-7555,​ ​where our team is happy to speak with you about your options.

    Sedation Dentistry: Could You Benefit From It?

    Patients with or without dental fear may also choose sedation dentistry for a number of reasons:

    • They want to accomplish more dental work in one visit
    • They have a sensitive gag reflex or muscle spasms
    • They have a low pain threshold or sensitive teeth
    • They have trouble sitting for long periods of time
    • They have general anxiety or nervousness

    Oral sedation allows dentists to accomplish more dental work at a time and reduce risks of injury, all while the patient remains comfortably relaxed and in control. The results are high-quality, effective dentistry that allows patients to feel confident again in their smiles.

    Ask Us About Sedation Dentistry

    If you or a loved one is curious about using sedation dentistry, call us today at (734)​ ​427-7555 to speak with Dr. Jay and our team at Livonia Dental Care, located at 33428 Five Mile Road. We look forward to accommodating your next appointment with convenient hours and the support of our staff.

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