New Patient Offer

New Patient
Special Offer

$29 Exam & X-rays


$59 Exam, X-ray and Cleaning

Offer expires: 05/23/2022

Livonia Dental Care
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    Livonia Dental Care

    New Patient
    Special Offer

    $29 Exam & X-rays


    $59 Exam, X-ray and Cleaning

    Offer expires: 05/23/2022

    Patient Comfort

    Your comfort is extremely important to us.

    If you haven't been to the dentist in a while, you may be pleasantly surprised. Our gentle approach to care will make your visit a positive experience. Personalized care from our team of friendly and highly-trained professionals can be surprisingly comfortable. Our new patients find themselves quickly at ease with the gentle dental care they receive from our talented dentists.

    Nitrous-oxide (laughing gas) is available, which is a gentle relaxant. During treatment sunglasses are provided to deter light, provide safety and place you in a more relaxed state of mind. You can watch television to catch the news, sports, or your favorite television show. We offer stereo headphones for listening to the television or classical music CDs.

    While you are in the chair, you are provided with a neck supporting pillow and a fleece blanket to keep you warm if you are cool. At the end of your treatment, we offer you a warm towel so you are refreshed before leaving our office.

    In our reception area, we offer a full refreshment bar with ice cold bottled water, an assortment of hot Green Mountain coffee, hot chocolate, tea selections, and freshly baked cookies.

    Should you have any questions, please feel free to call us. We look forward to a relaxed and pleasant visit with you.

    Have a "Laugh" on us:

    Nitrous oxide which is often referred to as laughing gas is a very effective remedy for anxiety. Our patients feel calm and peaceful within minutes and can immediately relax and enjoy watching their favorite TV shows or listen to the music of their choice.

    Nitrous oxide is also very effective in helping people with uncomfortable gag reflexes. It is not only effective but very safe. After an appointment a patient can safely drive themselves home or back to work without the after-effects that most anti-anxiety medications have.

    For those people that have anxiety the night before an appointment or have trouble getting to the office without undo stress we can provide a simple and effective prescription pill.

    We offer the following items for your comfort:

    CD Players with Headphones
    Choose a music selection from our collection or bring one of your favorites from home. Every room is also equipped with music headphones. Listen to our own selections or bring along some of your favorite CDs. We also have Bose noise cancelling headphones for those who want to enjoy the peace of silence during their appointment.

    DVD Movies
    Cable television and DVDs are conveniently located in every operatory. Feel free to bring your favorite movie or program along with you to watch during your appointment.

    Freshening Cloths
    Enjoy a refreshing lemon-scented, steamed or chilled cleansing cloth following your treatment. It’s a delightful way to freshen up.

    Snuggly Blankets
    Feeling a little chilly during your treatment? Snuggle under a cozy blanket and relax.

    Comfortable Memory Foam Dental Chair Liner
    To ensure your ultimate comfort, our dental chairs are covered with a “memory foam” pad. Your body will create a custom fit into the foam, giving you a very relaxing and back-supporting experience.

    Beverage/Snack Cart
    Help yourself to our beverage and snack selections in the reception area. Bottled water, Hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies are available for your enjoyment. If you prefer something not on our menu, simply let us know and we’ll have it on hand for your next visit.

    Neck Cushions
    Rest your head with a soft neck roll pillow filled with lavender and buckwheat.

    Relaxing Reception Area
    A calming waterfall in the reception room creates a soothing environment.

    Knee Cushions
    We gently slip a cushion under your knees during treatment to align your spine into a more comfortable position.

    The bottom line is that we not only want you to love your smile, but we want you to enjoy the process. Our entire dental "team" wants to make sure that you are absolutely as comfortable as possible at all times. We live in a hurried and stressful environment, and we feel that dental care should be a positive welcoming experience.