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    Advanced Technology

    Trimira's Identafi™ 3000
    Livonia Dental Care understands the importance of detecting oral cancer early.  If caught early enough, this form of cancer is one of the most curable. Trimira's Identafi™ 3000 with its Identafi™ technology allows Dr. Nitzkin to identify biochemical and morphological changes in cells of the mouth, throat, tongue and tonsils.  Call us today to learn more about this life saving technology.

    Digital X-Ray System
    At Livonia Dental Care, all of our x-rays are digital, even the panoramic x-ray machine. Our x-ray system is a computerized imaging system that utilizes an electronic sensor instead of X-ray film. The sensors produce sharp and clear images that appear almost instantly on a computer screen. Digital x-rays use up to 90% less radiation than conventional film X-rays and therefore, the concern for radiation exposure has been almost completely eliminated. This process is also better for the environment as it doesn't use photo chemicals like traditional film does.

    Diagnodent ® Cavity Detection Laser
    To help you achieve optimal oral health, the dental care that you and you family receive in our office always includes state of the art equipment. Among the newest technologies is a smaller laser instrument called the Diagnodent, which scans your teeth with harmless laser light searching for hidden decay that can be missed by x-rays or an explorer tip.

    Our Laser Cavity Detector is capable of detecting cavities so small that we may be able to restore them with NO SHOT and NO DRILL! By diagnosing decay early in its early stages, we can prevent more extensive damage. Your restorations will be small and less costly, and you'll be able to retain more of your own natural, healthy tooth.

    Intra-oral Cameras

    Intra-oral cameras have greatly improved the way we examine teeth. These pen-sized cameras take a picture of your teeth and project the live images onto a television screen in the treatment room. This image is magnified, allowing our team to see and detect any decay, cracked or leaking fillings or other problems. This technology allows us to diagnose problems during the earliest stages of development when treatment is less invasive and less expensive.

    Contact us for more information about Advanced Dental Technology.


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